Video Gallery

Chesterfield Queens Park Sport Centres – The Old and The New.

Lumsdale Mill, Matlock , Derbyshire – A flight Down the Water Fall

Drone + Water = Focused Flying!

Our latest flight around Scarsdale Hall,  just outside Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Just a shame it was neglected many years ago.


Here is a collection of flights and videos from our earlier flights.

The old Tesco’s Store Chesterfield used to be a hive of activity with the hustle and bustle of happy shoppers. Its now looking very sorry for itself and what a waste!

Thinking outside the box here with some funky music!

Here is our first ever video which was coverage of The Chesterfield Canal Society Festival

Here is our first non flight video, for a local Coffee Bar that put on an afternoon of Ibiza music by the top DJ’s The Filthy Geeks.

Fireworks Display 2014

Here at Chesterfields Firework Display, we added the firework sound track after filming as the camera’s microphone always picks up the buzz from the props. We downloaded firework sound effects and then edited them in to the video.

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